the playstorming group
 The Play Storming Group Is A Collaboration Between WORK & PLAY


Most people believe that the opposite of play is work. We are always led to believe that the two cannot co-exist and that we have to choose between the two. However, PLAY opens the door to creativity, imagination and innovation, all of which are competitive advantages. Through improvisational play and other experiential learning methods, Play Storming can help you develop higher performing teams and foster an environment of creativity, innovation and imagination.


Play Storming has developed a five-point process that is an experiential learning approach:

    Participants play a game or engage in a fun, group activity.

    Participants report on what happened during the learning experiencing stage.

    Participants systematically examine their shared experience.

    Participants begin to look at how what they learned could apply to their own real-life situations.  This stage is critical in answering the question adult learners always have on their minds, “Why is this important to me?”  or “How will I be able to make use of this learning?”

    Learners identify specifically how they will apply what they’ve learned from the experience to their own real-life situations. This answers the equally crucial questions, “What next” or “How do I begin?”

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